5 thoughts on “Where do law of attraction teachings come from? | The Law of Karma | Be Joyful | Advaita Vedanta

  1. Hello Tom! One question; if there’s no free will, then, the practice of law of attraction in order to “improve” one’s life in Maya, is also part of the script? Of predestiny?

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      1. Lol not at all. So regardles of the ‘pre-destiny’ thing, one can improve life in Maya? I’m asking because all O desire is better health

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      2. Yes, one can improve one’s life in Maya in many ways, and if that’s all you want to do, that’s absolutely fine…however if you are spiritually inclined you will start to realise that suffering keeps on coming back – that is the nature of Maya…and then a desire to remove all suffering will start to arise…and to totally remove suffering we must turn within and discover what we truly (and already) are.


  2. 1. Thank you so much for replying! 2. yes, I’ve been trying to self inquiry for a few months now, however, due to some chronic health issues whic appeared all of a sudden a couple of years ago, I’m having trouble getting pass the physical discomfort and mental noise this brings. But I will get there. Thanks a lot Tom, you’re one of the great contemporary Advaita teachers


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