Surrender it all to Bhagavan! | Sri Ramana Maharshi | Self-Surrender | Who am I?

‘Firm and disciplined inherence in the Atman, without giving the least scope for the rise of any thought other than the deep contemplative thought of the Self, constitutes self-surrender to the Supreme Lord.

‘Let any amount of burden be laid on Him, He will bear it all. It is, in fact, the indefinable power of the Lord that ordains, sustains, and controls everything that happens.

‘Why then should we worry, tormented by vexatious thoughts, saying: ‘Shall we act this way? No, that way,’ instead of meekly but happily submitting to that Power?

‘Knowing that the train carries all the weight, why indeed should we, the passengers travelling in it, carry our small individual articles of luggage on our laps to our great discomfort, instead of putting them aside and sitting at perfect ease?’

~from ‘Who Am I?’ by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

3 thoughts on “Surrender it all to Bhagavan! | Sri Ramana Maharshi | Self-Surrender | Who am I?

  1. Hello Tom,

    I find that the words of Sri Ramana accompanied by his image become ever so more riveting. His piercing eyes magically enable me to absorb what he offers at a deeper level, and the experience is new and fresh.

    I have thought of signing up for your Sunday Satsang, but as I have said before (I think) I am located in northeastern USA, but have not acted yet.

    I thank you so much.

    Roben Campbell

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  2. Hello Tom, such a coincidence, this is exactly the quote from ‘Who Am I’ that I wrote down in my diary yesterday. Along with this one by Sri Sadhu Om:
    Do not perform any action thinking ‘It should be done
    by me’. Nothing is done by you, (for) you are simply
    nothing ! By knowing this first, if you avoid the rising
    of doership, then everything will be done well by Him
    and your peace will remain undisturbed !

    Such clear language! Along with your comments yesterday very helpful.

    Thank you for being there,
    Hesther Tims

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