One thought on “How can I spot distorted teachings? The true nature of liberation | Nirguna & Saguna Brahman | Advaita Vedanta

  1. I like a slightly different definition: nirvikalpa samadhi is temporary experience of blissful self-absorption, and sarvakalpa is permanent or lasting experience of blissful self-absorption. Here ‘nirvikalpa’ means ‘timeless’ and ‘sarvakalpa’ means ‘eternal’. The other common terms are nirguna samadhi, which means the initial experience of being asleep in mind and body, yet experiencing full awareness, and saguna samadhi, which means full awareness along with all of relative life in awakening, governed by the three ‘gunas’ or qualities of creation, maintenance, and destruction. Samadhi is one of the limbs of yoga, and is quicker to reach through practicing yoga (turiya or transcending) than through advaita vedanta (contemplation of awareness).


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