2 thoughts on “shankara-no-seer-seeing-seen

  1. How to understand “No seer, no seen and no seeing”.

    No doubt there is no mental world made of name and form.

    I also understand that Iam perceiving this physical world in mental images only.

    So i only know mental image. Iam not sure about physical world.

    Like i see a shadow of a tree and assume there must be a tree. But the fact is, there is every chance of producing a shadow without tree.

    As we see now a days you can feel the touch of even halogram.

    So the shadow of this physical world we are experiencing could be only shadow and there could be no physical world.

    I mean even sensations, sound, taste, smell and seeing all these 5 perceptions, we perceive only in mental images.( inside brain)

    Can i conclude that since I experience this so called world only in mind as a shodow, it doesnt exist.

    Seeing shadow you are assuming there is a physical world.

    Please help me understand Sir


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