meditation lake stones

If you have no questions,
We can sit here,
Self seen through,
And be.
This is the real sadhana:
Just an unforced appreciation of the way things are.

If you have questions, ask them, do not hold back.
The true answer is when the question disappears.
Do not cling to knowledge.
This is the advanced path for advanced seekers.

Sudden vs gradual enlightenment

pine cone

First there was the gradual path, the progressive path: I could, through practice, become enlightened.

Then there was the instant path, the sudden path: I could, through a flash of insight, become enlightened.

Now, I am happily lost. Continue reading

Stop believing your thoughts


Here is another chapter from the book ‘The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss’. For my initial (and brief) opinion on this controversial but useful book click here. This chapter focuses on thought and how thought gets in the way of direct communion with that which lies beyond thought. Continue reading