One thought on “When I first started teaching, I tended towards direct pointing…

  1. Direct pointing is the simplest, easiest and most direct method and yet …not always the most effective. In Non-dual Tantra there are four different upayas or skillful and effective means to realization. The most direct is Anupaya , or No Method is the Best Method – “This Is IT!” Or – “Chaitanya ātmā” – Your True Nature is Consciousness. And the response of many is, huh?”

    And then off we go to the other three methods that include effective types of inquiry, techniques, practices etc. such as those taught in the Vijnana Bhairva Tantra or The Pratyabhijna Hridaya.

    Sooner of later everyone realizes This is as God as It gets! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

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