Bulldozer spirituality

malet egg

To verbally espouse and preach spiritual things can be deeply inappropriate:
Do you tell someone who is suicidal,
That their problems are due to a false notion of self?
Or that all phenomena are insubstantial, formless and everchanging?
Or that like the desert mirage, life and its problems are a dream?

It would be like telling someone who is choking that ‘ALL IS ONE‘.

No, let us be present with people in their distress.
Let us, with open hearts,
And genuinely hear:
Without motive,
Without preaching,
Without intent to necessarily impart advice.

Let us be humble:
Let us not presume to understand the situation.
Let us not presume to know what to do
(we do not need to know what to do):
Both of these obstruct deep listening,
And deep listening is the foundation of true relationship.

Let us really see one another,
Let us really hear each other,
Let us really be present.

Herein lies real compassion;
Compassion builds its own space,
brings about its own action.

This is how we preach:
The unity of stillness and movement,
Every moment is the True Teaching,
Its Radiance shines within and without

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