Ribhu Gita – Chapter 18


Listen and read the Song of Ribhu. Let the words wash over you. These words are not to be analysed and contemplated; they are to sink into your bones and marrow and stir that Ancient Knowing that is already there within you.

Read, chant, have faith (let go into presence) and be free!

1. Ribhu: Listen again the the supreme knowledge that confers liberation immediately. All is Brahman alone, always. All is tranquility – there is no doubt.

40. I am eternal. I am the eternally perfect. I am eternal, ever and anon. I am the Self alone; the world is not different; the immortal and ancient Self

41. I am the ancient. I am the Purusha (God) and the Lord. I am beyond the beyond. I am Paramesvara. I am the bestower of worldly existence. I am the destroyer of worldly existence. I am the granter of happiness and of the form of non-dual happiness.

42. I am Bliss. I am endless. I am immortal – there is no doubt of this. I am birthless. I am of the form of the Self. There is naught else that is lovable.

43. I am Brahman alone. This is Brahman. All is the undiminishing Brahman always. There is never the world ‘all’. ‘All’ is always naught.

44. I am attributeless. I am supportless. I am ever non-existent. There is no cause for calamity at all. There is not a trifling of delusive effects

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