Being fearless


Being fearless,
The body becomes wide open,
The heart sensitive and vast:
All thoughts, feelings and sensations are welcome here,
Even fear.

Completely open
We truly feel.

Willing to feel,
We are truly alive.

Not resisting,
We feel whole, connected.

Not knowing what will happen next,
Isn’t this true freedom?

2 thoughts on “Being fearless

  1. “Not knowing what will happen next / Isn’t this true freedom?” I don’t think so. It is impossible to know what will happen next, because future moments only exist in our imagination. The same applies to past and present events. They are not ‘true’ or lasting, and mainly consist of ideas and pictures in our mind, such as the concept of ‘freedom’. They are all illusion. Thank God. 🙂


    1. Individual or “person” fools itself that it is known (future). It assumes that sun will rise tomorrow. Kids will grow up. It is full of thoughts and thoughts are being believed. Pointing out that not knowing is true freedom makes sense to me. And posted as question leave others to check within whether they resonate or not.


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