namaskaram namaste prayer buddha

The purpose of all spiritual teachings and practices is to remove ignorance and the vasanas (egoic habitual tendencies), and so end suffering.

There is nothing to gain. No special knowledge or experience. You are already That. Just lose the ignorance.

In truth spiritual practices and teachings are more illusion. There is no teacher, there is no teaching, there is no taught. Ignorance itself is more illusion. There is no real ignorance.

However as a belief that ‘I am a body mind’ has arisen, the teacher and teaching appear to also arise. This is known as ignorance.

This is because you take yourself to be limited. You take yourself to be a body mind.

Do not take yourself to be the body-mind!

You are That!
You are That Eternal Nothingness!


  1. This is a great post I love it. Except for the nothingness, would emptiness be better it’s less nihilistic? By the way your comments and likes are disabled in the WordPress reader part of the app. I am happy they are open here.



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    1. Thanks QP. I know what you mean about the words, but the specific words are less important than the feeling-resonance they convey beyond the words. I like the nihilistic aspect of ‘nothingness’ as ’emptiness’ can ironically give something for the ego to hold on to.

      Not sure what you mean about the comments and likes…please can you explain? Thanks and hope you’re well

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      1. How about no-thingness? Or does one practice to just dissolve and disappear never to be seen or heard of again? The point is to not be attached and greedy but we still need compassion and love ?

        When I use the WordPress app on my phone I could not “like” your post. The option was not available at the bottom of the screen. I think it is a setting you can choose. I had to go directly to your website to comment and like. Just so you know.

        May your practice unfold in the most beautiful way possible,


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