Are you getting tangled up in spiritual concepts? Law of Attraction, Emotions & Advaita/ Non-duality

Are you getting tangled up in spiritual concepts? The Law of Attraction, emotions and Advaita/ Non-duality. How to use writing as a means to aid Self enquiry.

Tom explores how easy it is for us to get tangled up in spiritual concepts. If this happens, he suggests that we throw all concepts out and explore our thoughts and feelings by writing about them. Each time we find an answer, we dig deeper by asking ourselves why we feel/think that way.

This video was recorded live during a Satsang meeting with Tom Das and put together by volunteers.

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2 thoughts on “Are you getting tangled up in spiritual concepts? Law of Attraction, Emotions & Advaita/ Non-duality

  1. Hi Tom,

    I wish to comment on the following video you previously uploaded:

    ‘Are you getting tangled up in spiritual concepts? Law of Attraction, Emotions & Advaita/ Non-duality’

    Having followed the pointings of Papaji and Mooji I did eventually experience the blissful and joyful Ecstasy I had seen happen to others during their Satsangs.

    This also happened to me for 6 entire days and nights of the highest and purest bliss 3 months after an ego dissolving Psilocybin ceremony I had too.

    Despite indeed feeling formless, infinite, perfect, pure awareness etc etc that did subside.

    It is not correct to go into belief systems that we are only what has been mentioned above.

    As well as being Love and perfect we are also for the time being flawed, in many ways; we have to sleep, we have to urinate and defecate, we must eat and drink, we have an internal weather system just like nature does, meaning, we won’t always feel the same, we can rapidly change during just one hour or one day.

    To ONLY say you are formless perfect awareness and Boundless infinite consciousness, is indeed denying what it is to be a human being: to feel; bereavement, sadness, anger, elation, joy, laughter, intimacy, Love etc etc

    We are indeed, least in my experience, both. We this mind/personality/body entity, and we are also something that cannot be described with words.

    To deny either of the two, or to only focus on one of them, is the delusion.

    We are not just awareness and consciousness.

    We are also, temporarily of course, feeling, breathing thinking self reflective and sophisticated creatures of nature.
    We are also a part of Mother Nature.

    We are physical, and non physical.

    The end of this video did revert back to this non dual spiritual bypassing.

    People need practical and compassionate education with how to deal with things like anger, suicide, bereavement etc etc

    You wouldn’t tell a woman that lost her children in a car accident, they never died because they never existed to begin with. And on top of that, they are in a better place now.

    Non dual Advaita is beautiful. However it is only a piece of the puzzle.

    Taoism seems so far to have done the best job at dealing with everyday common challenges, Human issues, whilst also pointing to something larger, nature being a large part of that focal point.

    And it’s not a religion.

    It’s simply telling you to look to nature for answers. To other people, to the forest, the mountains or whatever

    Alan Watts had quite a good outlook on things too


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