Krishnamurti: The Mind Must Be Utterly Silent

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The following is an excerpt from a talk by Jiddu Krishnamurti:

….Surely, it is only by understanding ourselves patiently, quietly, unobtrusively, that we begin to discover, experience something which is not of our own creation; and it is that which brings about help, which begins to clear the field of our vision.

But you cannot ask for that help; it must come to you darkly, uninvited.

But when we are suffering, when we are in real psychological pain, we want somebody to give us a hand; and so the church, the particular friend, the teacher, or the State, becomes all important. For that help, we are willing to become slaves.

So, we have to go into this problem of how we are caught in our own sorrows, we have to understand and clear it up for ourselves; for reality, God, or what you will, is not to be experienced through another. It must be experienced directly, it must come to you without any intermediary; but a mind that is seeking help, that is petitioning, that is asking, begging – such a mind can never find the other, because it has not understood its own problems, it has not studied the process of its own activities.

It is only when the mind is quiet that there is light. That light is not to be worshipped by the mind; the mind must be utterly silent, not asking, not hoping for experience. It must be completely still. Only then is there a possibility of that light which will dispel our darkness.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


(Bold added by Rope & Snake. The full talk can be found here)

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